VisitBergamo invites all the Spring Agora Bergamo participants to a photo contest dedicated just for you!
The photo contest is free of charge and the aim is to capture Bergamo with a picture by interpreting one of the competition’s themes (#places, #food and #people).
Just few steps:
1. Take a pic
2. Upload your pic on
3. Follow the contest on our Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram profile (@aegeebergamo)

You can win 3 amazing stays (one on the lakeside, one in the mountain and one in the city) to explore and enjoy Bergamo’s territory!
Everybody can participate by sending one or more photos from May 15th to 24th 2016.
Note: every picture can compete for only one theme.

Focus on the categories:
#places: take a picture of the sites, the pathways and the corners of both the old and the new town…Show us Bergamo from your own point of view!
#food: let the taste come to light! Bergamo’s land is rich of gastronomic excellences (cheeses, wines, desserts, traditional dishes, fruits and vegetables, and so much more…): go explore the city and describe its flavours!
#people: the soul of Bergamo lies at the faces and the gestures of everyone who lives it or crosses it, whether it’s a tourist or a citizen…tell us the tales of Bergamo with one shot.

Read the regulation below and good luck!!

Agora Bergamo PR Team