Agora – What is it?

AGORA, an ancient greek word that means “Gathering place”

AGORA is the pleanary meeting of AEGEE that takes place twice a year in an european city elected from the locals who proposed to host the gathering.

It is an event where the members from all around Europe meet to plan and build the future of the organization; is one of the biggest AEGEE events because it represent the democracy of the organization, during the AGORA take place the main discussions and decisions, locals can exchange opinions and participate at workshop on different topics to learn how to increase the visibility and the efficiency of their local.

In the plenary sessions there is the opportunity to elect the members of the European board of AEGEE.

As this is a big responsibility there are different kinds of participants:


Members of the Comité Directeur (CD), Commissions and the Chair Team of AEGEE-Europe

Liaison Officers and Agents of AEGEE-Europe

Up to 3 delegates of AEGEE Antennae and Working Groups

Up to 2 envoys of AEGEE Contact Antennae, Working Groups, Project Teams and Connections

Up to 2 observers of AEGEE Contacts

Visitors from each antenna (usually with limited places available for these ones)


  • Plenaries


    Delegates and visitors attend these meeteings (delegates are comitted to attend). During the sessions, several topics are discussed, such as results and reports of the different bodies, and votes take place

  • Prytania


    Meetings in which proposals for changes to the statutes are discussed

  • Workshop


    and panel discussions with external speakers to stimulate and ensure personal development of AEGEE members

  • Session


    where you can share your opinions and experiences

In 2016 AGORA will take place in Bergamo between 18th and 22nd of May 2016 and will be the occasion for participants to visit a beautiful city and to spend 5 days with 1.300 european people, in a mix of languages and culture that will allow them to open their mind and express their self.

It is more than an AGORA, it will be Bergamo AGORA.